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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 18:46:43 -0900

I have not researched this mouse thru like you have..It just didn't work for me with xp so I gave it up. Is this mouse even listed under winxp?

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Lisa Schnepf wrote:

I re-installed the newest drivers again- the ones that don't include the
webwheel. I noticed something. All of the older drivers that used to work
only have 3 tabs under mouse properties. None of those tabs let you select a
two button or four button mouse. They used to. There is no Device Setup
option on any of the older drivers anymore. The newer driver has the Device
Setup and more than three tabs under Mouse Properties. No webwheel, though.
Oh well. When I first got the mouse a few years ago and installed the
software, it showed a picture of my mouse. Now if I install the software it
shows a two button mouse, with no place to change it to my mouse. Every
other driver except 9.79 did the same thing. How can that be? Could they
have done something so if you uninstall and reinstall the mouse the old
drivers won't work anymore?

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