[pcductape] Re: Laptop problem fixed

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Hi Matt,

Don't you believe it...as far as I know, Getright *does* contain those
"sneaky snoop programmes", but, after you actually register the program, it
is supposed to disable the snoopware. Notwithstanding, I used it a lot
previously and it certainly did work well. Another excellent download
manager is FlashGet, which IMHO is just great. However, it also contained
spyware, which was also deactivated upon registering the program.

Long time no hear from you, hope you're keeping well!

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    <<What is the name of that program that saves partial downloads>>

    "GetRight"  I went to Google and did a search on download software and
this GetRight site came up.  It allows a "free trail" which I used to
download that 17MB file.  It's fairly cheap so I intend to buy the program
after I read the "user info" file that came with it. One thing I liked about
it - - - was that it claims not to have those 'sneaky" snoop programs
built-in, that some other download programs have.

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