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She is not to be in a position of USURPING authority over a man.
She is not to be a pastor..One of the qualifications for being a pastor in Timothy is they are to be the husband of only one wife. Not a woman alive can fill that role..
Churches that have woman as pastors are out of touch with scripture. Many groups today are out of touch..they quote one verse or take another totally out of context. How they can read into a passage what they do is beyond me..
How does a homosexual over look the part about it being an abomination and then come up with a church of their own is beyond me..I think what people today do is they pick and choose. I like this one, but forget that one..! They go to great lengths to justify themselves. This often requires them to put down scripture or mis-quote it. What ever it takes..they will do, so they can carry on in Sin and ignore the full intentions of what God says.

A woman can have and fill the role of a minister. She can minister to anyone..she is often considered to be a person of nurturing qualities. Ministering and pastor are two different roles.. Even as a minister however she is not to rule over a man. Woman of today hate that..especially the N.O.W. people and the womans rights type of organizations. I just tell them.." sorry I did not write the rules". I can understand though why they hate that..Many men of today forget about the rest of the word and abuse that. Become dominant rulers lording over their wives and treating them like slaves. No woman needs to put up with that. It is not Gods word for a woman to be beaten and abused. Men are to treat woman as their help meet..equal..! They are to love them as they love themselves, and as the lord loves the church..God often speaks of the church using marriage as a example.
A good example was while I was in Hi. a couple came to me and asked for some councelling. He was mad at her for not leaving the party with him. Who had the final word was the question..She was mad cuz he was acting like he was the boss ( and he is ) but was using his authority in a bad way.
The answer was simple..God is the ultimate authority. Had they both been listening to him in the first place they probably would not have ever gone to the party. It was not of a Christian origin. If they both had listened to God then the husband would have never been put in that position . Then she would not be feeling like she was and their would have never been an issue. I am willing to believe that under different circumstance, it would have been her telling the husband that we shouldn't go..It is an unusual situation where the husband is not wanting to party and the woman is..
Why she never left with him was because she just simply wanted to stay.
Not right!
As long as a man is listening to God, she will not have any worry about authority. The man is simply carrying out what God says for him to do..One of those things to do is to be the " Head " of your own household. As the Head that means she is not to ride shot-gun. Yes they can both argue thru a situation and discuss it at great lengths. In the end however it is his decision to make and he will be the one who is held accountable.
In the end it will be the man who is going to have to answer to God. Not her for following what he says..as long as it is Godly. If a man tells his wife to do something that is clearly against the word of God then I believe she has a moral right to leave out of that situation. She has left so she is no longer telling or usurping authority.
Getting off track here...Yes he is 100% right...but first the term leadership must be defined. A simple example might be...If she is ministering and you as the man are in a helpless situation then I guess she is leading the way. If a woman for example is applying first aid to a gun shot wound while your over there in Iraq..I would say she is definitely in a ministering position and I would be ever so grateful for her aid..
That might not be a good example to use..but I think you get the message of what I am trying to point out.
A womans place is to Submit..
Woman hate that word and I don't like to use it, so I will often say lets see what God has to say about this..That gets me off the hook :-) But a womans place in scripture is to submit to the authority given to man by God.
I know of no place in scripture where a woman says ''O yeah..forget you..I am going to do it my way". Perhaps in Sodom and Gomorrah there were some woman libbers,,ha!

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Carl wrote:

*Hey Trapper,*
*I would like your opinion. My grandson says the Bible says a woman should not be in a position of leadership. What say you?*

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    /groan!..best get started on educating you son..:-)/

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*I might even vote for Hillary.*
** *Carl*


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