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Hi Bob,

I do not have the nerve to venture on the Net without a virus protection program; my hat's off to you. It's kinda like unsafe sex; if you don't use protection you are really taking a chance; unless, of course, you don't do sex! Or you restrict yourself to one partner, which is the best way.

I really didn't respond to talk about sex; I wanted to agree with you about the Irfanview photo program.
Irfan Skiljan of Bosnia is the arthur of the software; not many people have a widely used software named after themselves. Some features are photo view, photo editing (one can add remarks to a photo - I'm still trying to figure out how to do red arrows), photo reduction or enlargement, batch file names changes, batch size changes, print more than 1 photo per page, Slideshow, video, etc. I use it daily.

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Hey Trapper,
I'd gladly give you some replies on what to use, but you wouldn't like my list. :O)

Let's see? Ave program, none, too much like a virus, slows my old computer down.
Spam stuff, my ISP takes care of that with Spam assassin, which I do have some control over.
My favorite image program is Irfanview, in my opinion one of the really true free things on the internet, but it's likely too lame for you artistic types. :O)

I do like the xp screen saver that shows all my pics that I point it to. I copied all my really favorite pics in one folder for this.

Otherwise, I use mostly Microsoft products, cause there in the machine mostly and do a fairly good job at most things and the price is right. :O)
Now see, I said you likely wouldn't like my list. :O)

Bob Noble

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