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  • Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 06:05:56 -0500

I don't think the interupt should pose too much of a problem at this point Bob. 
 Win2K and XP both handle interupts a lot better than the older OSs.  Below is 
what's on mine.


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  Hi Pam,
  For as much as you have on interrupt 11, I would think you would have to go
  really fast.
  There are some things we can do to improve this I think and we'll get to it

  Since the network card is being used most of the time when ICS is used on
  another computer, it's not likely fast enough.

  The unit is PNP, so these may not be the same everytime you check them.
  It also can cause things to work sometimes and not at other times.

  So, in the mean time, the power just came on a bit  a go, so I got a cup of
  coffee and I have one eye open. :O) It went out sometime in the night.

  Gotta go crawl under someone's house to fix a bad electrical connection.
  Hope it's not too muddy under there. :O) See you tonight, if you are around.

  Bob Noble

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