[pcductape] Re: Interrupt usage

  • From: "Bob Noble" <bnoble@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 00:24:43 -0800

Hi Pam,
I don't like what I see on the interrupts.
You are really using 11 heavily.
This might be ok on a really fast computer, but maybe we need to do some work to
improve this.

Let's keep it in mind and work on it after we view the rest of the things.

Bob Noble
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Interrupt usage

| Found it.  Never looked at this on the 2k box before.  Though 11 is busy it
| shows no conflicts.  hmmmmm
| >
| >
| >Hi Pam,
| >Also, can you send a shot of the interrupt usage of all devices on the 2k
| >machine.
| >I think you can get it in device manager.
| >
| >Bob Noble

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