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  • Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 11:59:47 -0800

Hi Sandi,
Maybe on the interrupts not causing a problem, but did you notice that many
things are using interrupt eleven, not just a couple? I think it's asking for
trouble when there are that many important, read that heavy use things on

Bob Noble
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| I don't think the interupt should pose too much of a problem at this point
Bob.  Win2K and XP both handle interupts a lot better than the older OSs.  Below
is what's on mine.
| Cheers!
| Sandi
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|   Hi Pam,
|   For as much as you have on interrupt 11, I would think you would have to go
|   really fast.
|   There are some things we can do to improve this I think and we'll get to it
|   eventually.

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