[pcductape] Re: Internet Explorer will not open

  • From: "Bob Noble" <bnoble@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 20:38:11 -0800

Hi Carl,
Have you learned your listens about messing with all these kinds of programs
yet? :O)

Bob Noble
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| Hi Bob,
| No not xupiter.   But about a week ago I did install 2 free
| programs that I suspect are the problem.   One is called
| "Pop-up Stopper" by Panicware and the other one is Cleanup 3.
| I am really suspecious of Cleanup because it deletes all
| newsgroups subscriptions, all cookies, and all temporary files
| (regardless of location).   When I get some rest (I want to
| start fresh - I just got back from a Lodge meeting), I will
| uninstall both and clean out the registry to see if that
| helps.   I still don't think I have a virus.
| Carl

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