[pcductape] Re: Internet Explorer will not open

  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:02:46 -0600

I think I remember reading that it is no more.


  I was looking for the site for fprot to send it to you, however, lost my
link to it! :>)

    Hi Trapper,
    No, I've not tried safe mode.   I will when I get home.
    I don't have an emergency start up disk.
    I don't have Norton's Disk Doctor.
    I do run AVG daily and I do an update inquiry daily.   Each day AVG
catches a virus and it's always in a compressed file (zip) and I cannot
identify the individual file.   I've not yet killed the entire zip file.   I
will expand the files into a temp folder and run avg and then kill the
individual file.

    My computer runs ok, except I cannot use Internet Explorer nor Windows
Explorer (I understand they are related).   My software programs like
Quicken, MsWorks, Word, Outlook Express, etc work ok.

    If I cannot find Windows XP disk, I'll have to go buy a new one.

    As we speak, I am running F-prot in dos mode.   I'm looking forward to
the results.


      Have you tried re-booting into safe mode??
      Have you tried your emergency startup disk?
      It's been awhile but I believe Norton's had something called Ndd (
Norton's disk Doctor). It allowed for you to fix a drive sector by sector,
and I think it also has a virus program with it...
      Isn't your avg catching any of the virus's? If it's upto date it
should be.

      " + "

      Hi Martha,
      Hi Guys,

      Well I have a real problem.  My Windows xp, home edition will not
restore itself.   I went back and attempted restore on 4 different dates and
none would work.   I could only go back to January 25.    I looked again at
the error report for the "tech details" and it shows 62 files were affected.

      I have some important tax records I cannot afford to lose.   Of course
I will send copies to the other computer on this network (it is working ok),
but I really would like to avoid a format.

      It looks like I need a virus program to run from dos.

      Any suggestions?


        Go to Start/Help and Support/Undo Changes to your computer with
System Restore.


        Martha's Web

          Can I do it from Run?
          My Explorer is not working.


            If you are using Windows XP, try doing a System Restore on a
date you know IE was working ok.


            Martha's Web

              Hey, when I installed Windows xp, did it make a backup copy of
the setup files on my harddrive?

              I would go look but Explorer will not open.


                Hi All,

                I found my computer with a headache this morning.   I tried
to open Internet Explorer and it will not.   The error message is that
iexplore.exe is corrupt.   I tried to open Windows Explorer and get the same
error message.   My other programs seem to be working ok, for now.

                I tried run > sfc /scannow and the system asked me for my
Windows XP cdrom and I cannot find it.   I still have my receipt but no

                So, I copied iexplore.exe off a computer at work and then I
tried using dos to copy to c:\program files\Internet explorer and I keep
getting the error message shown below:

                Of course, I don't know if that would even work, copying a
good iexplore.exe over the bad one.   I do have a good iexplore.exe on c:\
drive;   what if I deleted the other one, would Windows pick up on the good


JPEG image

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