[pcductape] Re: Internet Explorer will not open

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Hi Nick,

I was on a Windows tips&tricks list and I ask for help on my
problem when Internet Explorer & Windows Explorer would not
load and I was given the advice to go to Start > Run and type
sfc /scannow.   And when I did, the system asked for my cd's
and I could not find it (2 years missing), so out of
desperation I posted the same request for help to pcductape
and you guys help me solve the problem by suggesting the
culprit might be spyware and it was.    What's interesting now
is even if I could find my cd, I don't think the process (of
sfc /scannow)  would have fixed the unit and I would have
ended up formatting my system and reinstalling.    All along
the problem was spyware and when I remove them (several), the
unit is now working ok and I must add, much faster.

I will add Pest Control and start using it too.    Thanks for
the advice.   Yes, that's very true about smart people;   they
can make lots of money doing honest jobs but don't.   I think
it has to do with the thrill or excitement of knowing they can
control (to some extend) a computer and obtain illegal (to
them) information, like my social security number, bank
account info, etc.    It's very important to the average Joe,
you & me, to keep spyware off our units.   Identify theft is a
real threat.    A bank website might be as secured as the US
Military but if the smart guys can come into a person's
private home computer, he will not need to bother the banks
for personal information.   There should be a law.


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  If I had to narrow it down to two they would be  Ad-Aware &
Pest patrol.
  I don't think any one can do all.
  Why not run all three? Do two at a minium for your
computer's safety.
  I've lost to much stuff in last couple years not to do all I
  I got some real horror stories involving trojans and
spyware. Why these
  guys don't write programs  and make money instead of doing
harm I can't
  figure out.

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