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MessageCarl, you may want to check out SpyBot as well, it sometimes finds thing 
that Ad-Aware doesn't.
To check to see if a program is Spyware before you d/l & install, look here:

They may not have it in their database & it could be spyware, but if it is in 
the database could save you some grief later.


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  Hi Vic,

  I must have read the same report about Ad-Aware because for a long time I 
refused to use it.    Several people on this list and some other lists 
suggested Ad-Aware might solve my problem.   I did not believe them.    I was 

  When I ran Ad-Aware I was at the point where I had almost decided to format 
my harddrive and start over.    So, when I ran Ad-Aware and it identified 142 
registry keys and files and folders as being spyware, I deleted ALL;   every 
single one.    And it worked.   It fixed my problem.     For the past year or 
so I have been very faithful to check for anti-virus programs upgrades on a 
daily basis to prevent the bugs from entering my unit;   little did I know that 
spyware was just as dangerous.


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    Speaking of AdAware    Take care and make sure you back everything up, I 
have heard from reliable sources that the latest version of Adaware - ver. 6 - 
is very aggressive and sometimes cleans a bit too much.


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    You want to get rid of NEWDOTNET, it's a baddie... Adaware should pick it 

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