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  • From: "Steve" <sjclark@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 20:17:41 -0800

Trapper reminds me of a biblical character Paul.
He is one of my favorite characters. Boy did he love to debate, One time he
was invited to debate with the Greeks, He had a little trouble.
I am sure they were the Bill Gates of the day.
I by Windows XP Pro License in batches of five, that is as low as they go.
runs me about 60 bucks for each PC.
They mail you everything.
you can't just drop in and pick it up.
I get the Licenses in a email then a few days later I get the CD.
I can copy it as much as I like.
But it is only as good as the license I get.
When I need more I just call them up and they email me a new one, just after
the check clears.
So give me my money back...! Give me my $100 or what ever it was and I will
immediately remove this garbage from my computer..Even faster than that...
I did not buy a lic...I bought a product to use as I see fit...So I thought.
it was not mentioned that it was a lic. until I opened it and then buried
under all that jargon is the rules and conditions that MS set up...out of
greed!... I have never ever read any agreement form on any piece of
software..I only take it that it says that because of what others have
said.. I personally don't know of anyone who actually has read it and even
fewer who would agree with it..
I will give you one point though...They made it and it is their right to set
the rules..it is my right to agree or disagree...but the fair trade act and
the truth and lending laws say that they must clearly up front tell me,  and
what they adv. must be accurate and truthful. So far they have not met any
of these conditions..!
 It is legalese..why..because they don't want you to read it and understand
it and I doubt seriously that it would stand up in court anywhere...
Why don't they put that stuff in large letters right on the front of the
package so we can all see it and understand it? Why is it only discovered
after you have it opened and started to load it..and then when you hit "
disagree " It stops..Forced agreement at best...!
I tried once to bring it back and said I don't agree with any of this...

Didn't get my money back...I was stuck...So I used it till I can get out
from under it..! Ms was not up front with me when I purchased this junk,
find it kind of misgiving for them now to try and make a thief out of us (
their are millions of us ) when every other week they are in court for that
very thing .They are the ones being less than opened and honest with their
busn dealings. 
Their aint one of you who would buy a toaster for the kitchen and then the
dining room..No one would buy a car to use in this town only and another for
that town..dumb..just plain dumb! Who would buy a music tape and then
another for the car and another for this room and another for that
room...When I rent a video...do I now got to go out and rent another one to
play on the other TV...Doesn't make any sense to me.. only makes Cents to
those who are greedy and dumb enough to fall for it..Not me !
GIVE ME MY $ back...and I would be only to happy to dump this MS
forever..till then I bought it I paid for it it's mine and I will do
whatever I want with it..! I emphasize whatever!

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