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  • Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 19:51:38 -0600

MessageHi Vic,

I almost went out to purchase Windows XP Prof as I struggled
with my problem with the Internet Explorer would not load.
But I did not;  because I was not sure that my Windows Xp,
home edition would have accepted Windows XP Prof.    Was I

Let me explain;   When my problem started a few days ago, I
thought I could fix my Internet Explorer 6 with "SFC /SCANNOW"
and when I used that at Start > Run, the system asked for my
cd disk, which I could not find.    Now, my question is;   I
am running Windows XP, home edition and if I had used a
Windows XP, Prof edition, would it have worked?


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  XP has a "hidden" folder that will cause most mucked up
dll's and exe's of the system to be rewritten at boot time.
  XP checks those files at boot time and compares them to a
list - if you have the wrong version or size it will replace
them. But if your "hidden" copy gets mucked up by some
software then you have a problem.


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  Hi David,

  I used dos to find where iexplore.exe and explorer.exe are
on my harddrive and then I used Winzip to extract both files
to a temp folder and then I used dos to copy over the existing
files in their respective locations and still it did not fix
my system.

  You do know that I can boot up Internet Explorer and Windows
Explorer in Safe Mode.


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