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And that's the easy part, right bro?  I haven't gotten any farther than this in 
this thread but what I would do is start eliminating things from MSCONFIG by 
using Selective startup and taking one check out and rebooting then replacing 
it if it didn't work and going to the next one.  Isolation.  The more we narrow 
it down the easier it is to fix.
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  It means that he has something loading in regular mode that is causing the 
problem, it was a good sign that they worked in safemode, now we have to 
isolate the culprit.


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  From what I understand about safe-mode it only loads and runs the bare 
minimun necessary stuff.  If that's true then maybe it means that they are 
salvageable, and that whatever is causing the trouble hasn't been uninstalled 
or removed yet?



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