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Wonder what set of books Enron and the Gov use...ha!

Anyone whoever kept books like the Gov does would be broke and always in the

Course they can always just go out and raise tax's to get more money to
cover up their poor book keeping...
How come they can get away with it and we can't...!

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Quickbooks Pro is yes more for businesses but still geared toward the
average person, that is, one who doesn't know how to keep double entry
books, T-accounts, debits, credits, Assets=Liabilities+Owner's Equity, etc.
kind of stuff.  Peachtree and DacEasy require that you have a good
understanding of bookkeeping.


  Have you checked out quick books pro..A much better program and more
  The quicken is more for the home owner..the QuickBooks pro is more for the
busn. Also Peachtree, Dac easy.
  As long as you enter your #'s in as you go along at the end of your quota
( time period , Fiscal year ) all you have to do is take the whole thing to
your accountant or tax person and be done with it..About as simple as
that..they will love ya for it cuz all the work is done for them and its all
right there

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