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I was only being smart alecky when I suggested that..Did not know they had
done that for real...!
Can't win sometimes..
So are there a lot of sites now that opera and others can;t dl form because
they don't have the correct browser..?
Sounds to me like a law suit similar to what Netscape had going at one
time..! Unfair competition practices and monopoly. It forces the site to set
up for MS and forces opera out of busn. or at least comply and get in

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Unfortunately, everyone pretty much needs an MS browser these days because
there are some sites that cannot be accessed without it.  Some sites that
are created solely with, and run solely with MS based technology requires an
IE browser to access.   There are others, like housecalls, that require
either IE or Netscape to run.   Some sites can be accessed with other
browsers but function poorly and some parts are not able to function or
display without IE.  They really have wormed their way in, but good.


  No Carl I have never ever lost a cd or a floppie disk or a zip disk..Not
only that I can tell you exactly where every single disk is and what is on
each and every disk. If I loose a file or something gets crunched I can find
it and have it in seconds...I catalog everything. I believe I spent some
time with you awhile back on this matter.
  A lesson I learned way back at day one..
  I don't mean for this to sound like it does...I am not angry or anything
like that..A bit perplexed perhaps, but really glad to know your working
your way thru and finding the answers.
  I am so glad to hear you found another system to browse with..Glad to hear
Pam was of help. But I also must say that it is not like that is the first
time it was ever mentioned. As I said in prior a prior msg..I have told you
all repeatedly that there was lots of things out there better than MS and
IE..Even DOS was better and definitely Linux. I mentioned opera several
times...! It has been about for awhile now..
  The important thing is that you found it...I see no reason now for you to
want to go back to IE, unless your into WebPages and need to see what others
might be seeing with their browser.

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