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  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 20:23:32 -0800

Hi Carl,
You need to find your xp cd and do a repair.

Bob Noble
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| Hi Martha,
| Hi Guys,
| Well I have a real problem.  My Windows xp, home edition will
| not restore itself.   I went back and attempted restore on 4
| different dates and none would work.   I could only go back to
| January 25.    I looked again at the error report for the
| "tech details" and it shows 62 files were affected.
| I have some important tax records I cannot afford to lose.
| Of course I will send copies to the other computer on this
| network (it is working ok), but I really would like to avoid a
| format.
| It looks like I need a virus program to run from dos.
| Any suggestions?
| Carl

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