[pcductape] Re: Internet Explorer will not open

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:25:53 -0600

Hi Pam,

Opera is so great I may never return to IE6.   I quit Netscape
a few years ago never to return.    Opera does allow me to
download my bank account information which is the most
important thing about the Internet to me;   keeping my bank
account balance straight;   I do it daily;  reconciling the
bank balance to my check book.   I wish my wife would do
timely posts of the stuff she buys on the checkcard.   Those
are real nice but one had better stay on time of it or he/she
will be in the red quick.


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  I just looked at housecall site.  It specifies MS or
Netscape browser
  required.  Odd.  But atleast now you have a browser to
browse to Netscape
  and get a fresh copy of theirs if need be.


  >....I really like Opera;   however it will not do a virus
scan at house


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