[pcductape] Re: Installation stalls at request for USB 2.0 driver.

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> I think you are right.   I'm looking on the Net for a driver for USB 2 for
> Windows xp Prof but I can't find one.   There maybe one at drivers.com but
> one has to pay now to download off that website.   I thought I found one
> driverguide.com and I downloaded it and used it but it did not work.

The USB 2.0 issue was a real problem until the Windows XP CD's started
including SP1. Now when you first install XP SP1 which takes care of USB 2.0
is included.

I would never install Windows XP from a CD that does not include SP1. Simply
borrow a CD of the same version your Product Key is for (OEM, Full or
Upgrade) and install using that CD which includes SP1.


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