[pcductape] Re: IE can't find URL

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Hi De,
Thanks for the info. I've checked out the thought of being hijacked.  It seems 
that when you are hijacked you are always directed to a certain site, or your 
home page is changed, or all the ads you see come from the same source.  This 
is not my case. My problem is sporatic, and random, both from the times it 
happens to the URL's that open.  It reminds me of an overflow problem.

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    Wish it were that simple, but it isn't.  For example, I click on google, 
from my Favorites, and it takes me to google.  Then one day I click on the same 
link and it might take me to yahoo, or amazon, or evolt, or any other web site 
I may have visited in the last 3-6 months. 
    It doesn't matter if I type in the address, or if I click on a link in a 
page, or if I link to it from my Favorites.   
    That's what makes it so wierd!  I can see the address I told it to go to in 
the address bar, but at the bottom left, in the status bar, I can watch that it 
is trying to take me elsewhere.  If I simply hit Refresh repeatedly it will 
eventually take me to the correct URL. 

    Do a search for Browser Hijacking, something says you may have that 
problem. I just cannot remember what to do if your browser is being hijacked. 
    Ok I did a search {google} and here is page 1 ... 

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