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  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 08:38:11 -0500

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  Hi Pam,

     If you've located the IE entry, go down the several folders on the left, 
any that look like they could contain URL, or home page data, then you can 
delete anything that is a www that you don't recognize.  I found in mine all 
the URLs that I visited, very much like my history entries.

     I've found with customers that have gotten (accidentally) into porno sites

Hi Chuck,

You sure do speak true.    Porn sites are sending spam well worded to trick the 
receiver into thinking it's something they should look at and when one clicks 
on the URL in the email message..........it's too late to undo...........and as 
one tried to shut down the Internet Explorer, addition porn sites keep popping 
up, each one adding their own little spyware to the victim computer.    I sure 
am glad for Spybot.


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