[pcductape] Re: I use Copernic Agent

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  • Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 01:03:43 -0600

The difference as I recall is that Copernic will search the "Web" plus "News 
User Groups" all together, while google is one at a time;  that is one has to 
search the web and later in a separate effort, search the news users groups.   
I still like google better.   I understand that yahoo.com is developing a 
search engine that will do almost as much as google.

And that yahoo.com is working on an anti-virus program that may stop spam.   It 
seems to me the only real way to stop spam is to have an approved "list" of 
addresses that no one can send email to without an invitation.   Then, if one 
of the approved members start spam, kick him out into the no-man's land.


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  I used to use Copernic aeons ago - now I mostly use google for generic stuff 
and specialized search engines for more specific stuff 
  Using search words , phrases and boolean most of the time 99% I find what I 
am looking for pretty quick enough

  Carl wrote:

Hi Sandi,

I use to use Copenic, I wonder why I stopped.   That's the search
engine that Bob Noble, the River Man, uses.   :-)


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  I only use Google when I'm looking for something illicit or
  that I do that often ya know.  Actually, I use Copernic Agent so hit
  search engines.

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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Hello.......... Hello, is anyone there?

Hi Vic,

I think we all google for answers before we ask questions and after
    we get
  the google results we don't need to ask questions.   And because
  has gotten so good with all it's software.   :-)


TTFN - Vic /

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