[pcductape] Re: I use Copernic Agent

  • From: Victor Firestone <vlfll@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 06:09:29 +0200

Used to use webferret too - back then wasn't all that good and I dropped it.
Trapper is back home

Sandi - I am interested in knowing what your last search on google was !!!! ROTFLMAO

Bob Noble wrote:

Hi Carl,
Actually, I used to use Copenic and I thought it was a good one.
These days I use Webferret, the trial version.
I find, it finds most things I need.
I set it to exact phrase. I think it uses about six of the other search engines
in the process.

As far as Trapper's where abouts, I think he is near the four corners area,
until the snow melts and he can head home.  Haven't you heard of any national
disasters in that area? :O) He must not have been able to find a computer hook
up in that area, or we should have heard from him.

Bob Noble
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Hi Sandi,

I use to use Copenic, I wonder why I stopped.   That's the search
engine that Bob Noble, the River Man, uses.   :-)


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I only use Google when I'm looking for something illicit or


that I do that often ya know. Actually, I use Copernic Agent so hit


search engines.


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