[pcductape] Re: I lost all my email

  • From: "Andrei" <zhar_ptitza@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 02:01:35 -0800

Hi Salaam,

I searched Drive C and E for "*.dbx" files. There is nothing on Drive E
where my current OE folder was but  I did find the dbx files from 6 months
ago on Drive C. Strange stuff. I couldn't see the backup yesterday.


> Andrei
> If you have not already made a search for "*.dbx" files, I would suggest
> that you do that first.
> These .dbx files will contain your OE email messages.
> It is safer to avoid keeping your email messages on the same physical HD
> your OS. This means that they will remain safe, even if you have to do an
> unplanned reinstall.
> Salaam
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> From: "Andrei" <zhar_ptitza@xxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: [pcductape] I lost all my email
> Is there a way to recover email that has been deleted? This is what
> although everything seems hazy now.
> I was trying to save a picture that a friend sent me. I didn't notice at
> time that it wasn't in the usual jpeg format. This was my friend's first
> time using their scanner. I went into Windows Explorer to the folder where
> saved the pic to see what size it was. I can't remember what the file
> extension was. However, the name had a % sign in it and it wouldn't let me
> delete the pic.
> Now I can't remember clearly what happened. I may have tried again and the
> system hung up. I did an Alt-Ctrl-Del to do an End Task on Windows
> Nothing happened for quite awhile so I pressed Reset.
> I did my usual selections: "Fix it", "Skip" - I don't remember the rest of
> the options - and brought Windows back up.
> Earlier I had deleted C:\Windows\Temp and C:\Windows\Temporary Internet
> Files. So when Windows came up I Opened the Recycle Bin and clicked to
> emptied it. What surprised me was that the items that were scrolling by
> txt items with the names that were email subject headings.  I had never
> this happen before.
> I fired up OE. All I had were the folders that you get when you first
> install OE: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items and Drafts. Over
> of emails had disappeared. I had made a backup copy of my OE folders 6
> months ago on another drive and they had disappeared as well.
> Please don't laugh. I am running Windows 95 on a P75 machine. I have 3
> drives: 1.5 GB, 1.5 GB and 2.4 GB respectively. OE is version 5.5. The
> active OE folders were on Drive E. The folders from 6 months ago were on
> Drive C.
> I started a new OE folder on Drive C to write this plea for help. Is there
> any way to recover the lost emails and folders?
> Andy
> PS
> Can someone send the full pcducttape url so I can read on the web?
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