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This is what I have Bob on the subject:
For XP use this link

Here's a Microsoft Link Entitled "Move Outlook to a new computer": 


It gives specific filenames and default locations for the files, and breaks
it down as to whether Outlook is setup in Internet Only Mode, or Corporate
or Workgroup Mode. 

BTW, this scattering about of files by Windows 98 includes Favorites, Office
Templates, Internet Cookies (Subscription Info), and God only knows what
else.  Since Win98 came out I've been coping with this on customer's
computers by routinely setting up Windows 98 in multi User mode, even if
there is absolutely going to be only one user on the machine.  The result of
this is that all these scattered about files are gathered up by Windows and
placed in the C:\Windows\Profiles\ folder in a subfolder with the name of
the user. 

For Example, on each of my personal computers, all my Outlook information,
Favorites, Office Templates, and My Documents are all together in
C:\Windows\Profiles\Dave\  And windows automatically did that for me, and
prefers to keep it that way.  When I change computers, I just set up Dave as
a user and copy that Dave folder to the new computer to the same folder. 
It's a great way of having things in one spot!   

You can set up users using the Users Icon in Control panel. 

Anyway maybe everyone else already knows this, but it's a feature I can't do
without anymore.

It is better for you to use the import function. 

You go to the old machine, C:\Windows\Microsoft\Address Book\ 
Copy the *.wab the address book to your new machine. 

And go to the C:\Windows\Application Data\Identities\{}\Microsoft\Outlook
Copy all files under the folder *.dbx to your new machine. 

Then at the new machine, 
open the OE, at the menu, File, import, there you can import "Address" and
"message". Browse to the location of those address book and *.dbx

Then all your previous address book and email folders and emails will be
loaded to the new machine as well.

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Say, is the .dbx file the only one you need?
A long time ago, one needed that and another file to go with it, but I don't
know if that is still true.

Bob Noble
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| Marshall
| There may be easier ways, but one approach is this: -
| Create a new folder, called, say "Email Archive" on a HD different to the
| one that holds the OS.
| Then go the folder with the original, active .dbx's and copy the entire
| folder, which you then paste into the newly created "Email Archive".
| That's it, really.........
| That said,  I find it safer to keep my active folder itself on a different
| HD.
| Salaam

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