[pcductape] Re: I lost all my email

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 10:30:40 -0800

Say, is the .dbx file the only one you need?
A long time ago, one needed that and another file to go with it, but I don't
know if that is still true.

Bob Noble
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| Marshall
| There may be easier ways, but one approach is this: -
| Create a new folder, called, say "Email Archive" on a HD different to the
| one that holds the OS.
| Then go the folder with the original, active .dbx's and copy the entire
| folder, which you then paste into the newly created "Email Archive".
| That's it, really.........
| That said,  I find it safer to keep my active folder itself on a different
| HD.
| Salaam

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