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Hi Andy

Not sure on your problem hopefully some one else more experienced in the group 
will have the answer for you,  but the full path for pcducttape is:

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  Is there a way to recover email that has been deleted? This is what happened 
although everything seems hazy now.

  I was trying to save a picture that a friend sent me. I didn't notice at the 
time that it wasn't in the usual jpeg format. This was my friend's first time 
using their scanner. I went into Windows Explorer to the folder where I saved 
the pic to see what size it was. I can't remember what the file extension was. 
However, the name had a % sign in it and it wouldn't let me delete the pic. 

  Now I can't remember clearly what happened. I may have tried again and the 
system hung up. I did an Alt-Ctrl-Del to do an End Task on Windows Explorer. 
Nothing happened for quite awhile so I pressed Reset. 

  I did my usual selections: "Fix it", "Skip" - I don't remember the rest of 
the options - and brought Windows back up. 

  Earlier I had deleted C:\Windows\Temp and C:\Windows\Temporary Internet 
Files. So when Windows came up I Opened the Recycle Bin and clicked to emptied 
it. What surprised me was that the items that were scrolling by were txt items 
with the names that were email subject headings.  I had never seen this happen 

  I fired up OE. All I had were the folders that you get when you first install 
OE: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items and Drafts. Over 400MB of emails 
had disappeared. I had made a backup copy of my OE folders 6 months ago on 
another drive and they had disappeared as well. 

  Please don't laugh. I am running Windows 95 on a P75 machine. I have 3 hard 
drives: 1.5 GB, 1.5 GB and 2.4 GB respectively. OE is version 5.5. The active 
OE folders were on Drive E. The folders from 6 months ago were on Drive C. 

  I started a new OE folder on Drive C to write this plea for help. Is there 
any way to recover the lost emails and folders? 


  Can someone send the full pcducttape url so I can read on the web?

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