[pcductape] Re: Html lesson #2 - about the <blink> tag

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Hi Debb,

Thank you.   I really appreciate that.
My biggest accomplishment I don't say much
about but I should and that is my family is
drug free and all enjoy their church and all
are employed or are in school.  

The reason I admire you so much for home schooling
your kids is the extreme burden you have on your
shoulders, not only in education, but in how you
prepare your kids to face the world.  When they
grow up and leave the nest they will have to face
a world that they may be not prepared for in that
young adults today are faced with stuff like sex and
drugs, etc.  that my mom did not worry about when I was

Btw, I read something recently where homeschooled
kids make better SAT scores than the kids from 
public school.


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  You have been a busy man, it seems. Blessings to you for all you have 

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