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Clear DayThis is awesome!  Would it be ok to start adding these to the 
PC-Ductape totorials?

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  Understanding File Manager & Moving In    

  First of all don't freak out because this lesson is long!  It is not
  hard I promise.  It is mostly EXPLANATION.   We are going to learn some real 
basics at this time to give you some
  background.  And it is very important that you 'move into' GeoCities 
  or else GeoCities will delete your page!  And yes they
  will, it happened to me the very first time I began my page!  Scared
  the heck out of me.  So the assignment at the end will be your moving
  in and will consist of 6 things you will need to do.  

  I'm going to assume you all know NOTHING and try to explain some of 
  things in the file manager first.  And then we'll move into our sites.


  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ferrosiously snipped>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  You are done!  Hooray, this is probably the longest lesson you will


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