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  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 21:13:53 -0700

I agree with you Pam. :O)
I think it's easier to just get started and learn some html when you need it.
Otherwise, a lot of people never get started, because the html scares them.

People think you need to learn some html to do a web page. Wrong. 

Bob Noble
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> Hi Victor,
> I agree. I do 99% of my coding by hand.... alllllll dayyyy lonnnnng. ;-)
> I mentioned FP because he very likely already has it on his computer. And
> years ago I began with FP and without knowing a lick of html or css and
> squeaked by.  It can be done. There is a lot to learn. Can't be done
> overnight. He wants to utilize his free space now. What better way than to
> get your feet wet with a program you already have on your machine.
> Pam
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