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I see. Well, atleast you can use it to do your family tree you mentioned
which will help you get the experience you need to create a good business

When you get ready to buy a domain name go to register.com and search for
what is available. They do a good job of providing you with alternate
possibilities similar to what you are searching for if what you want isn't
available. But DON'T buy your domain name there. They are more expensive and
have a less than acceptable feedback on their reputation. And whatever you
do, don't ever ever register your domain name through Network Solutions
(also known as netsol). They have the absolute worst reputation of all.
When you are ready to register your choice(s) then go to one of the ones
below, who all have much better pricing and excellent reputations.
I use 000domains.com. Been with them for about 5 years without a hitch.
Namecheap.com - better prices than the one I use but once in a while I hear
their control panel is down.
godaddy.com is about the same price as namecheap.com but people report
"domain locking" problems on occasion.
Now, keep in mind that the problems I mentioned are usually encountered by
business folks who register a lot of domains so you may never experience any
problems.  The reason I continue to use 000domains.com because I started
with them and they have never given me a moment's trouble.


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>Hi Pam,
>I have 3 accounts with Road Runner and I get 5mb free web page for each
>account but the web page can only be a personal page;   cannot do a
>business.   Even the business account will not allow be to do a business
>home page.

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