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There are a few work arounds that make site upkeep just as easy and don't
carry the problems that frames cause. Its called SSI. Server Side Includes
are snippets of code stored in a central spot and called from any number of
pages. Take a left nav column for example. Create the navigation list once,
call it leftnav.inc and save it in a folder called includeLibrary.
Then on pageA.html, in the proper place, you tell it to retrieve this code
snippet from includeLibrary/leftnav.inc. Same thing on pageB.html, and
pageC.html. Now, when you add a pageD.html and want to add it to your
navigation you go to leftnav.inc and add it there. All pages linked to that
file will show the change instantly.
The way this is done depends on your web hosts' configuration and how you
name your pages. Some you have to set up in the htaccess file.


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>That's a good point and one I'd never thought of actually.  I just want to
>make it look more appealing I guess, and easier to navigate.  I have some
>drop-downs I could add.  Just have to figure them out now too.  LOL
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>| Why would you want to learn frames? They are search engine suicide and a
>| person cannot bookmark a page in frames.

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