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  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 00:09:38 -0500

Hi Debb,
I believe those interested won't see your post until in the morning. You
might want provide a little info on how these folks can open a geocities
site, for those who know little or nothing about this.


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>ok, ok, ok, Im convinced. Basically, the way I teach  is this:
>I have people start a freebie site thru geocities. Then when they have
>mastered the basics, they can take their knowledge wherever they want to. I
>chose geocities cuz its free, has its own file manager, & its easy
>for me to
>access it to grade & check up on it. If anyones still interested, all I ask
>is that the lessons stay here on the list.I do have them
>copyrighted, but Im
>sure I dont need to explain that to anyone on this list, right?
>So if all are acceptable, Ill send out the 1st lesson in a bit.
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>Subject: [pcductape] Re: How to make a website
>> Debb,
>> It might be easier if you send the lessons to the list as there
>are others
>> who want to learn too.  Then you only have to do it once.
>> Pam

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