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Check with your ISP. Most give varying amounts of free web space to their
customers. Perfect for learning on with no ads to deal with like most free

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  Hi Pam,

  Thanks for those urls.   I will probably try the Mozilla Composer.   The
free web page offer was misleading.   The email account of 1GB is free, the
webpage offer is $7 per month.   The site location is in Germany and that's
ok too.   My wife's kin are from the old country.   I think I'll google for
a free site and practice with Mozilla and then later go for the pay site.
Incidentally the largest guitar manufacturer is also in Germany and the name
of the company is Carl Martin: http://www.carlmartin.com/

  Carl Martin
  I wonder if my kin are from Germany...........
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    Hi Carl,

    came up with several decent looking free wysiwyg editors. I haven't used
any of them so can't recommend which to try.
    For those that don't know, wysiwyg stands for "what you see is what you
get", and basically means you can see your page as you create it. Front Page
and Dreamweaver are both wysiwyg editors.

    This site reviews the Mozilla Composer which I think is what you said
you already have. I think I would probably start here and see if you already
have what you need.

    Hope that helps,

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