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Hi Carl,
came up with several decent looking free wysiwyg editors. I haven't used any
of them so can't recommend which to try.
For those that don't know, wysiwyg stands for "what you see is what you
get", and basically means you can see your page as you create it. Front Page
and Dreamweaver are both wysiwyg editors.

This site reviews the Mozilla Composer which I think is what you said you
already have. I think I would probably start here and see if you already
have what you need.

Hope that helps,
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  Hi Sandi,

  Is there a free program similar to Dreamweaver?


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    I agree with you Vic.  I created one webpage with Word just so I'd have
a numbered list that was easily updated but then I had to drop it into
Dreamweaver just get rid of all those unnecessary tags and such.  Plus it
seems that Word's html abilties are geared just for IS browsers.

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      I would not use any of those {word etc] programs for creating web
pages - just for starters you will have as an end result bloated code,
furthermore adding anything later on will be a hassle.
      Lets all be serious for a sec - and help Carl build the best webpages
that he can.
      A webpage is another side of yourself - what would you prefer me to
look at?,  a webpage or webpages made by yourself sloppily or the same but
made the best you can????  After all, having met you only on the web this is
the only way I could judge you - and as you well know - first impressions
      Beyond that, I can safely assume that the web pages that Carl posts
are going to change every now and then, being updated, added upon and so on
and so forth - so why make it difficult when we can make that process as
easy as possible?

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