[pcductape] Re: How to convert 1st word to last in a spreadsheet column

  • From: Scott McNay <Wizard@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: Eric Skeen <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 18:38:49 -0600

Hi Eric,

Friday, December 26, 2003, 3:46:25 PM, you wrote:

ES> I'm not sure you can. I remember Sandi had to do it for me a
ES> couple of months ago. Otherwise, you might have to cancel your
ES> existing subscription re-subscribe. Freelists has some strong
ES> points, but User-Friendliness certainly isn't one of them!

What I do in cases like that is subscribe with the new email address,
make sure mail is coming in, then unsubscribe from the old address;
that way I don't have to worry about losing mail.


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