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I am trying to change my email address to mabagwell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, but I
can't find anyplace on freelists to change it.

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        1.0655E+12 Jones Joe C & Gloria S 7811  HURST FOREST DR 77346

        Account Number Owner Name Property Address Zip

  Hey Guys,

  Happy New Year,

  I know you are probably tired of hearing me but I have a question.   Due
to the very kind and excellent suggestions from members of this group I have
been able to capture thousands of names and addresses from the Internet but
now that very procedure has created a snag.   I am able, via Microsoft
Excel, to capture 4 columns of information which is "Account Number", "Owner
Name", "Property Address" and "Zip" but the snag is with "Owner Name", which
is backwards on the Internet.  That is, the Internet site of
http://www.hcad.org has the "Owner Name" listed as last first spouse;  for
example, Jones  Joe C & Gloria S is really "Joe C & Gloria S Jones" with
Jones as the last name.   Is it possible to convert the "Jones Joe C &
Gloria S" to "Joe C & Gloria S Jones" using a text editor or similar


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