[pcductape] Re: How does this happen?

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Surprisingly enough also behind virii are their creators.
But just to clear things up - virii do not spoof email addresses - what some of them do is use the machine they have infected to send out mail to whomever using your smtp engine and your email address. This is not spoofing - this is simple usage of your machine as a mail machine. Real spoofing in a case like this would be to rather than mail itself out using the address of the person infected, it takes a random name from the infected person's address book and mails itself out as that person. That makes it impossible to figure out which infected person's machine sent that email to you.
The fight and anger against not only spam but also spoofing and all the numerous other things that are thrown against the average end user - you and millions others, should be against those that create these and not against the "programs" themselves.

BTW, email addresses are also gathered in various other ways, - bots that trawl websites and pick up email addresses , lists and places like yahoo that have member directories that are open to the public, there are also programs that run name dictionaries against for example "@hotmail" - can you imagine how easy it would be to find Pam@hotmail, Pam1@hotmail,Pam2@hotmail and so on and so on.

Pam wrote:
Hi Vic,
I was referring to viruses. Viruses spoof the senders' email address these days.
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Behind every bot is a person - it is people that are doing this - they use tools such as bots, worms , trojans and so on.
The are in it to make money - scams etc abound

Pam wrote:
Hi Lisa,
In all likelihood it isn't people at all but virus robots doing this. These
are not viruses on your machine but on someone else's machine who, at the
time, also had your email address on their computer. You know how viruses
borrow addresses from the infected machine to send itself to, well many of
today's viruses also borrow one of those addresses to say that it sent
itself from. It's called spoofing.
So what you are seeing is the virus's failed attempt to send itself to
someone which bounced and returned to the spoofed "from" address, you.
Don't worry about them. All you can do is delete them.


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I get messages all the time like this, saying that my email didn't get
delivered.  I'm enclosing the attached text message, so you can see what
it is.  I never send any of these emails.  How/why are they getting my
name and email address?  Why do they do this, and isn't it ilegal? I
don't have a virus. I already scanned. Thanks.


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