[pcductape] Re: How does this happen?

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  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 11:22:08 -0500

Hi Lisa,
In all likelihood it isn't people at all but virus robots doing this. These
are not viruses on your machine but on someone else's machine who, at the
time, also had your email address on their computer. You know how viruses
borrow addresses from the infected machine to send itself to, well many of
today's viruses also borrow one of those addresses to say that it sent
itself from. It's called spoofing.
So what you are seeing is the virus's failed attempt to send itself to
someone which bounced and returned to the spoofed "from" address, you.
Don't worry about them. All you can do is delete them.


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> I get messages all the time like this, saying that my email didn't get
>delivered.  I'm enclosing the attached text message, so you can see what
>it is.  I never send any of these emails.  How/why are they getting my
>name and email address?  Why do they do this, and isn't it ilegal? I
>don't have a virus. I already scanned. Thanks.
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