[pcductape] Re: How does Google search?

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:02:48 +0200

As a fledgling webmaster and one that works at an ISP I can tell you that
every week or so if I look in the logs I can se that the google spider [a
bot] has come to visit.
Websites can be locked down and disallow the bot to "scan" the website - but
the bot will still pick up lots of info from the URL, the page titles, and
header tags etc.
The only webpages that Google will never find are company internal Intranet
webpages - all the rest eventually will end up in Googles database. [Which,
thinking about it must be huge / gigantic. I wonder what they run their
database on and what type of database server - I am sure it must be at least
a 4 processor machine].


TTFN - Vic

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Hi Pam,
Thanks.   So that verse is telling us if we eat right and exercise daily,
then we "may" live to be eighty.
Hey, I just found another use for Google.   I did a search for "seventy
years" and it did return several url's concerning the Bible.   I went to one
of the url and it would not let me in unless I "joined" or registered for
the website (a Bible site).   I wonder how the search engine works on a
restricted site;   what if the website does not want to be "searched"?
That info brings to mind "How does Google or any search engine do the
search?"  I use to think that a search engine went from computer to computer
to computer via telephone lines, cable, etc.   Now, I don't think so.   But
the other obvious method is not conceivable because of space requirement;
in other words, does Google have all the URL's of the world in a single
computer's database;   is that possible?

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