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That might help.

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Hi Guys,

How do I stop Windows Installer from starting up when I try to download
updates to SpywareBlaster?   Here is what has happened and I can recreate
the errors by trying to update SpywareBlaster.
1st Error Message:
"Please wait while Windows configures The UNICARE Agent Assist"
2nd Error Message:
"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk
that is not available."
3rd Error Message:
"Error 1706.  No valid source could be found for product The UNICARE Agent
Assistant.   The Windows Installer cannot continue."

The problem has been on this machine for about a year and it use to be
associated with Adobe but that has stopped and now the program is Unicare.
I use to have the insurance software Unicare on this machine but I
uninstalled it about a year ago.   I did write to the company Unicare and
they cannot help me and tell me to call Microsoft;  that it's a Windows

I google error1706 and there are several pages related to the problem but
none to Unicare.

I searched Microsoft database and there is no mentioned of Unicare, although
the error 1706 shows up several times in the database.

About 2 months ago I used regedit and deleted ALL references to Unicare.
My computer crashed and then I had to use safemode to get the registry files

Btw, when I do try to update SpywareBlaster, I will go through the error
messages 3 times (error 1, 2, 3 for 3 different occurrences) and then
it(Windows Installer) quits and I can continue with SpywareBlaster.

So, any body have any suggestions?


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