[pcductape] Re: How do I stop Windows Installer?

  • From: wizard@xxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 13:11:09 -0500

Quoting Carl <ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> The problem has been on this machine for about a year and it use to be
> associated with Adobe but that has stopped and now the program is Unicare.  
> I use to have the insurance software Unicare on this machine but I
> uninstalled it about a year ago.   I did write to the company Unicare and
> they cannot help me and tell me to call Microsoft;  that it's a Windows
> problem.   

True, but that's passing the buck; they should be willing to do the reasearch
necessary to resolve a problem that relates to their software, instead of
expecting a presumably-ignorant user to fix it.  An excellent reason to not do
business with that company, I think.

The Wiindows Installer Cleanup Utility will probably take care of this:


Be sure to tell the company about it, so that they won't have an excuse to pass
the buck again.

Another related utility, if you have MSI 2.x, is MSIREGMV; apparently registry
entries for MSI 1.x don't always get moved to their new MSI 2.x locations when
MSI is upgraded, and this can cause no end of problems with updating or
removing MSI-installed applications.


If you don't already have MSIREGMV on your system, you can download it from


You will not see any messages when you run it; the mouse pointer will flash busy
for a quick moment.

MSI 2.x can be downloaded from here:


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