[pcductape] Re: How do I stop Windows Installer?

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No wonder we can't get anything done or solved...you guys got it backwards. Why 
waist time with a newbie..who might take 10 minutes to find out how to answer 
your question when you got these guys who are higher up and can answer your 
question right away..Save money and time and energy that way. I figure that 
everyone at one time or another had to start at the beginning of things..then 
the graduate up the line as they get to know more..that doesn't mean you forget 
all your newbie stuff..to get to level two you still employ the knowlege you 
supposedly learned at level 1..So why not pass it on to someone who is still at 
level 0..I mean somewhere in time someone had to of passed it on to you( us).
So with that said then you must have the answer for my HD problem... I am not 
sure what level the problem is at...for me its at a level way out there, but 
for you guys its probably at level 0 and not worth the time to answer, but 
could you please help me out. I would sure appreciate it....thanks!

A level "0" newbie
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  Actually they have to work on the assumption of "common lowest denomonator" 
and that unfortunately is "presumably ignorant" - otherwise the problem is 
escalated to the higher echelons [where people like me sit] and we hit the roof 
if a problem is thrown at us which turns out was some silly oversight made by 
someone on the way up. [Normally there are a couple of ranks this goes through 
till it gets to me]
  That is why on most tech support set-ups they have strict guidelines what 
they have to ask and what they have to run you through before the problem is 
passed on - hopefully till it is solved.
  The main reason being that they do not want the top staff to work on a case 
and then waste time going through all those "beginners" steps which are quite 
time consuming, but rather start from a certain point half way through, secure 
in the knowledge that all the "beginners" tests have already been done. Senior 
tech salaries are quite high, they mostly do other "more important" stuff 
besides solving users problems and it is also very frustrating for the senior 
techie to try to solve the problem and then find that it is something very 
minor that should have been solved a long time ago, not to mention the fact 
that many times if it is escalated to senior techies, either the techie has to 
drop what he is currently working on or the user is going to have to wait till 
the techie can stop what he is currently doing and can find time for him.

  Wizard@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Quoting Carl <ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

  Thanks for the compliment "presumably-ignorant".    :-)
I meant that the tech support should not be making assumptions that the people
that they're (not) helping know what to do...


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