[pcductape] Hmmm... it works this way (Outlook Express)

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Hi Martha,

  Thanks for the information.  I will have to give that a try! 


Yes, but he will lose any messages that he has.  If he has messages that
he wants to keep, do this:
1. Create the new identity
2. From the File menu, select Import. A screen will come up asking from
where, select your version of Outlook Express. The next screen will show
you the identity list. Select the identity you plan to delete. You can
import everything.
3. Once the import is completed, go into the manage identites and delete
the old one.

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If I click on MY identity first, I can open OE.  Then if I switch
identities, I can get my husband into his mailbox.  But if I click on
him FIRST, it won't work at all and will freeze up.  Someone mentioned
the identities might be corrupted or something?  Sounds like it.  Any
way to fix this? Can I delete his identity and then add it again? 
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