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And that is all that I have been saying from the beginning - now why oh why
does no one ever listen to me???.

And yes those modems were internal !!! And of course nowadays the point is
more or less moot unless you are running an old computer or want to easily
boot into Linux/Unix and don't want to have to configure your modem.

I don't know about modem accelerators - never touched them always fiddled
around in the registry and with the modem software to tweak them a bit.

I do know, OTOH, that download accelerators can do a good job, especially if
you are on broadband but the server you want to download from is a tad slow,
they speed things up by downloading the file you want in parts concurrently.

The telephone lines mostly cause problems in the last 100-200 yards or so to
the house - that is where the most interference happens.




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Here's my understanding about the subject.

All modems are hardware modems  of course.
However, US robotics came out with a modem called Winmodem, which I had.
And it worked very well, I might add, but it speed was only 33k, as 56k
modems weren't out yet.

A part of it's hardware function was replaced with action from the computers
CPU, which should be ok, since that is what a CPU does.

However, this does take some processor time and if one had a slow computer,
like less than say, 150 mhzs, things might be too slow sometimes and one
might have some problems.

The 56k modems came out and needed even more processor time, which some
computers just couldn't do.

So, along came faster computers, and this problem just isn't a problem

And to top it all off, speed is not what one wants to look at.
High speed, doesn't necessarily mean faster downloads.

It's the download speed that is important.
That's how many k are you actually downloading.
If you can get five or six k a sec. you are doing real good with a 56k

If a modem tries to go too fast, packets will have to be redownloaded to get
through, and if this happens too much, things will get jammed, as all the
requests for redownloaded packets will fill the circuit and there is no time
to get new ones. So, sometimes a modem has to be slowed down to get it to
actually download faster.

Most of the time the real limiting factor is the phones lines in your house
and the ones that go to the phone company.

However, occasionally, a modem will get screwed up, and not work to it's

I don't believe in all the so called modem accelerators.
Sometimes these can change a setting in the modem to mess it up and if you
don't know how to reset the modem, you will end up getting a new one or just
going slower. Also, sometimes these will set the modem speed higher, but the
real download speed of data, may be a lot less.

Bob Noble

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