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Hi everyone.  Here you go, here's your lesson #4.  Pretty 
straightforward directions.  We will be first adding a guestbook and 
then a counter to our index.html page.  I want you to know that there 
are many places on the internet to get a free guestbook and a free 
counter.  Take some time and look at some of these sites I've listed 
and choose one for yourself. You basically just sign up or register 
for the services and then copy and paste the given html code on your 

You should know enough html by now to be able to somewhat alter the 
coding if you'd like...ie, changing the font, etc.  When you register 
please save your sign in information and passwords in a safe place in 
case you need to go back at a later date and edit/change something.  
Feel free to share things you find out about the Guestbooks and 
Counters you choose with the other list members!  Maybe yours has a 
special feature you really like or maybe you looked at one and 
thought it was really dumb for whatever reason.  

1.  Adding a Guestbook - here are a bunch of sites for you to browse 
through to find a nice free guestbook that you like.  I've used 
GuestWorld myself for a loooong time and it has proven to be 
reliable.  I can change the questions I ask, I can moderate my book 
which means I get email notification when someone signs my book and I 
go in and approve, reject, or delete the entrys.  I like that because 
my  site has become very popular and my guestbook gets 
spammed a lot.  

Alxnet  http://www.alxnet.com/

Beseen  http://beseen.com/guest/index.html

Bravenet  http://www.bravenet.com/

Coolguest.com  http://www.coolguest.com/

Creationcenter.com  http://www.creationcenter.com/

Global Guest Book  http://globalguest.com/

Guestbook Central  http://www.guestbookcentral.com/

Guestbook Depot  http://www.guestbookdepot.com/

GuestPage.com  http://www.guestpage.com/

GuestSigns.com  http://www.guestsigns.com/

Guest World  http://www.guestworld.com/

LemNet.com  http://www.lemnet.qatlantis.com/

Miatrade  http://www.miatrade.com/

MyBook.net  http://www.mybook.net/

Pathfinder  http://guestbooks.pathfinder.gr/

Peresvet  http://www.peresvet.net/guest/

Senac.com  http://www.senac.com/guestbooks/

Site Gadgets  http://www.sitegadgets.com/

Techie Networks  http://www.wildwestrecords.com/guestbooks/signup.asp

Take your time and browse around and choose yourself a guestbook.  
Follow the given directions.
Now just copy and paste the code they give you onto your page and 
save it!  Then go to your page and try signing your book yourself and 
see if it works.  Pay close attention to the directions, some require 
that you link to their site!  Do it!  Some will just put the required 
link to their site right in the guestbook coding.  They are all 

This is Part 1 of your assignment.  Get a working GuestBook on your 
webpage.  Ask the members of THIS list to go sign it.   

2.  Adding a Counter - here are a list of sites for you to get a free 
counter from:

Aaddzz  http://www.aaddzz.com/pages/counters

Admo.net  http://www.admo.net/counter/

Beseen  http://beseen.com/hitcounter/index.html

Bravenet  http://www.bravenet.com/

FastCounter  http://www.bcentral.com/products/fc/default.asp

JCount Counters  http://www.jcount.com/

MyComputer.com  http://counter.mycomputer.com/

Senac.com  http://www.senac.com/counters/

Site Gadgets  http://www.sitegadgets.com/

Site Meter  http://sm6.sitemeter.com/

Spirit Counters  http://www.thesitefights.com/userv/

Xcount.com  http://www.xcount.com/

Yinga.net  http://www.yinga.net/

Zcounter.com  http://www.zcounter.com/

Notice how some of the Guestbook and the Counter sites are the same.  
For example Beseen and Bravenet.  Both sites are free, popular, 
pretty reliable, and offer several things for your site.  You might 
want to consider using one site for all of your needs.

Again, I used Site Gadgets for my counter.  I was already signed up 
because of my guestbook.  The counter I found was EXTREMELY easy to 
do!  I asked for a counter and it gave me a simple little code to 
copy and paste and that was that!  I then went into my file editor 
and centered the counter and added my own font.  

So...... for the second part of your assignment, get a working 
counter on your page.  I will check to see if it's working.  It's up 
to you whether or not you'd like to center it, add your own font, 
change the wording or whatever.  You already have the skills to do 
all these things.

Have a working guestbook and counter on your index.html page

Good Luck,


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