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Thanks for the tip, Vic.  I did already mention it to them.  The guy who
runs it was at one time my teacher, and one of the employees there grew up
with my kids, and heck... I even worked there helping them out in a tight
spot for about 6 weeks or so.  =)

Of course, I don't know what date it will run yet.


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Great news Pam,

You had better tell your website host about this  as in most likelihood
there will be a big surge in hits on your site, just before, during and
especially after the program shows.
I belong to a list that maybe some of you have heard about "Lockergnome",
been on it for years, almost since the beginning, and when a site gets
mentioned it gets huge amounts of traffic - quite a few times that amount of
traffic has caused websites and servers to crash under the strain.



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