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If it's the same as it used to be, just uninstalling via the normal
uninstall methods is not enough.  The trouble maker part of gator remains on
your machine.  At one time, gator offered a download (some lawsuit forced
them to provide it). This download removed the reg entries and other stuff
that the uninstall did not.  Apparently they don't feel the need to offer
that anymore.  Try google.com, for "remove gator" and see what you come up
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  Hi Pam,

  Below is an email message from Gator.   I have already unistalled gator
and it does not appear under "add/remove Programs".  Tonight I will seek
OfferCompanion;   maybe a registry hack.


  Depending on which version of Gator eWallet you have, you may or may not
  have OfferCompanion installed along with Gator eWallet, you can uninstall
  either (or both) program(s) using the steps below.

  To uninstall Gator eWallet, follow these steps,

  >From the Windows Start button, select Settings and then Control Panel.

  When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Add/Remove
  Programs icon.

  Locate Gator eWallet (note it may be labeled either Gator or Gator eWallet
  depending on which version of Gator eWallet you have installed) in the
  list of installed programs, click on it one time and then click on the
  Add/Remove button.

  Follow the on screen instructions*, when the uninstall program has
  completed, close all open windows.

  *During the uninstall there is a check box for "Delete User Information"
  or "Erase the information that the Gator eWallet has stored on your
  computer" (depending on which version of Gator eWallet you have
  installed), check this box if you would like user information (name,
  address, login ID / password combinations, etc.) that is stored in Gator
  eWallet removed along with the program.

  To uninstall OfferCompanion use the same process, except locate
  OfferCompanion in the list of installed programs instead of Gator eWallet.


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  From: Carl Martin <ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Subject: feedback question
  Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:04:39 +0000

  Carl Martin (ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) writes:

  At one time I downloaded gator.exe on my home computer and something has
  happened to prevent me from loading Internet Explorer IE6 and Windows
  Explorer.   I am using a Windows XP operating system.   Can you provide
  the procedures how to remove gator.exe?

  Carl Martin

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