[pcductape] Re: GINA Logon error

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 09:53:40 -0500

If you have downloaded all of the auto-updates then you already have SP1 and
most of SP2 which is due out soon.  Or you can go to:
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  Subject: [pcductape] GINA Logon error

  Hi Group,

  My Windows XP Professional machine has an error message when I reboot that
is nagging me.   The message is: "GINA Logon: winlogon.exe - Application
error.   "The instruction at "0x00c72740" referenced memory at "0x0000001b".
The memory could not be written.    Click OK to terminate the program.
Click on Cancel to debug the program.   OK"

  When I click OK to terminate the program, the computer reboots;   when I
click on Cancel to debug the program, the computer loads ok.   A search at
google revealed that GINA is a "Graphical Identification and Authentication"
module for Windows 2000;   I'm running xp prof.    Even more confusing is
when I do a search at www.microsoft.com knowledge database and it tells me "
  To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Windows 2000.

  What is going on?    How do I fix the machine to avoid that error message?
Do I get a "service pack" for Windows 2000 or Windows xp professional?


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