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On 5 Mar 2004, at 7:01, Victor Firestone wrote: about [pcductape] Re: 
here's one for you.......WAS:

>     The Compaq NVIDIA TNT2 M64 Pro graphics controller has the same
>     2D/3D core and RAMDAC as the NVIDIA TNT2. The major difference is
>     that the memory bus bandwidth of the M64 Pro controller has been
>     reduced to 64 bits, which restricts performance at higher resolution
>     and color depth but reduces the cost considerably.

This is why I say to go to the site of the computer manufacturer to get 
the drivers. They make deals with other companies to supply cards 
that are not necessarily the same as you would buy out of the box 
retail.The Compacq driver may not work with the Dell card, or neither 
may work right with the real driver for the retail card.  


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